Agence Unie 2000 Inc. is an independent insurance firm based in Montreal since 1951.

Agence Unie 2000 Inc. offers a unique customer experience and a full range of insurance solutions. Our team works and deals daily with nearly 50 insurers to offer you the best protection at the best possible price.

Our recipe for success


Agence Unie 2000 Inc. is a insurance firm in the province of Quebec. We were founded to bring transparency to an industry that all too often lacks it, and provide not only insight and guidance, but a simpler solution to streamline your life. Insurance should be more than just another bill. It should be a blanket of protection that enhances your safety and security, providing assurance that come whatever may, you’re safeguarded.

Driving Philosophy

We strive to be different. In a sea of business suits, we want to be your warm woolen sweater. In a world dominated by cold business transactions, we’ll be a personal connection that ensures you get the right protection, at the right time, without having to jump through hoops in the process. We make ourselves available on your schedule, through email, by phone, Internet chat, and more.

Embracing Technology

Too often, the insurance industry is bogged down in a sea of hardcopy papers, manila envelopes, and red ink. We’re different. We realized early on the advantages offered by cutting edge modern technology and determined to provide our clients with the ability to leverage online media in order to streamline the process of comparing quotes, and obtaining insurance. From Facebook to Google to Pinterest to SnapChat, our clients are everywhere, and we ensure that we serve you where you live digitally.

Keep it simple

At Agence Unie 2000 Inc. , we excel at making the complicated simple. Our goal is to help you protect what matters most, and to do it efficiently. Simply put, we deliver peace of mind in a matter of minutes.


We think speed is important. That’s why we focus on getting things done as fast as possible. We ensure that you can click, save, and enjoy life. We deliver the ability to get multiple quotes in seconds. It’s really never been simpler to obtain the insurance you need without spending untold amounts of time shopping around.

And more

We are also a specialized service that can navigate cultural understandings and work proficiently in multiple languages. Our exceptional service and flexibility make it convenient.

Not sure what you need? Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your needs.